Hala Kaiksow’s journey as a designer begins with the human hand and its ability to imbue garments with a sense of soul. A 21st century artisan, her thoughtful approach to craft extends to custom hand woven fabrics, natural dying techniques and handmade buttons and fasteners. Inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects and a utilitarian approach to dressing, the designer deconstructs garb from the past and present to create clothing infused with feminine strength.


A trained artist and sculptor, her creative process is driven by experimentation and exploring the endless possibilities of garment construction. From her loom, she weaves materials such as raw linen, silk and hemp into otherworldly patterns and textures, further embellishing them with fragments of metal, wood, latex and mother of pearl to bring her vision to life. It is a reflection of Hala’s artisanal approach to thoughtful luxury, one informed by her passion for transforming unexpected materials through age-old craft traditions.